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What age range do you accept at Beatrice Christian Academy?

We are currently accepting students for our Elementary Studio (Grades K-5) and our Middle School Studio (Grades 6-8).

Where is Beatrice Christian Academy located?

Beatrice Christian Academy is located at 2920 East Court Street in Beatrice, Nebraska.

What is the school calendar and what does Beatrice Christian Academy cost?

Beatrice Christian Academy runs eleven months a year, with 4-6 week long "sprints" followed by a week off.

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What do you mean by “Every child can change the world?”

We believe each of our students will find a passion — something they love and have a gift to do. They will use this gift to serve others and fulfill a need they are passionate about in the world. This may be by becoming a shoe-shiner who tells stories and makes people's day just by doing his job with love and vigor; it may be by becoming a coach who sees the light in a child’s eyes and guides her to pursue a dream; it may be by becoming a father or mother who leads a family on a Hero's Journey; it may be becoming an entrepreneur or business leader guided by compassion and integrity; or it may be by becoming an artist or writer who brings beauty to people's lives.

What is an "independent learner"?

Someone who can research questions, follow instructions, solve problems—admit that they don't know something and figure out a solution when they hit a roadblock without asking an adult for help—participate discussions, and strive for mastery.

How do you measure how a child is progressing at Beatrice Christian Academy?

We measure student progress in several different ways:

  1. We set Daily, Weekly, and Session goals between the student and the Guides.
  2. We utilize robust real-time data for each of our online learning tools. At any given time both parents and Guides can find out exactly what their student is learning. It easily allows us to track progress, identify areas of struggle and close any learning gaps. Having a small class size, we are able to work one on one with the student to make sure that we can close gaps and help them master the skill. The web-based programs don’t allow the student to move on to the next skill until it has been mastered.
  3. We utilize individual paper portfolios where each student showcases and adds their best work. We can measure their growth in things such as History, Writer’s Workshops, and any Quest using projects we have completed.
Is Beatrice Christian Academy like Montessori?

Beatrice Christian Academy uses the best of Montessori methods: mixed-age classrooms, student choice within limits, large blocks of work time, learning through “discovery,” and freedom of movement in the classroom. Then we go two important steps further by using the best 21st century eLearning tools and adhering to the Socratic method of instruction which emphasizes asking and answering the right questions to stimulate critical thinking. Our students don’t just memorize facts, they learn how to know, learn how to do, and learn how to be.

Is Beatrice Christian Academy Accredited?

We are accredited by the International Association of Learner-Driven Schools.


Is Beatrice Christian Academy a Christian School?

Beatrice Christian Academy is a Christian organization. Please see our beliefs page for our statement of faith and for more information.

Do You Serve Special Needs Children?

We are not trained or staffed to serve children with serious learning disabilities, special needs, or who need specialized attention. If you are interested in Beatrice Christian Academy and believe it is a great fit for your family, please inquire and we will personally assess your unique situation and the fit of your young learner.

Are you part of a Chain or Franchise?

We are not a franchise or chain. Beatrice Christian Academy is an independent school, part of an affiliate network that finds its inspiration and receives mentorship from the founding Acton Academy in Austin, Texas. Our network of affiliates are passionate about revolutionizing education, pursuing best practices, and have agreed to protect a learner driven environment. Each affiliate follows their own methods in keeping with these commitments and vary based on the leadership at each school and community they serve.

What is a "running partner"?

Running Partners are classmates who meet together regularly to set goals and hold each other accountable for meeting those goals. Running Partners encourage and inspire each other by asking good questions, listening and providing affirmation.

Will children be grouped together by grades?

We believe that children learn best when working with those younger and older than themselves rather than split up into groups based solely on age. In addition to individualized curriculum, all ages of students work together in multi-age groups within each studio.

Why a learner driven classroom?

At Beatrice Christian Academy we believe in kids taking responsibility for their own behavior and holding those around them to a high standard. When something isn't working, we want our students to work together to solve the problem, not look for an adult to solve it for them. This creates a sense of independence and confidence that will serve them well in all areas of life.

How do you use technology in the classroom without students having too much screen time?

At Beatrice Christian Academy, we believe in the power of balance. Using the incredible, self-paced eLearning tools now available, we are able to provide the rigor needed for learning math, vocabulary, spelling and grammar in about 90 minutes each day, while freeing up the rest of the day for engaging, project-based learning. The two are highly complementary.

Will Beatrice Christian Academy have sports or other extra-curricular activities?

We plan to incorporate art and PE within the regular weekly schedule, and because at Beatrice Christian Academy, there is a no homework policy, that leaves plenty of time for our Heroes to pursue extra-curricular interests outside the studio (music, athletics, etc).